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October 2013
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Alphas Edge Website Update – Oct/19/2013

We at Alphas Edge are working very hard to create useful tools for investors to assist them in finding great investment opportunities. […]

Morning Market Briefing – Friday- 10/18/2013

This morning, citizens worldwide are celebrating! We celebrate our rising equity and EVEN faster rising debt. We unknowingly celebrate that every hour that we work to earn a dollar today buys even less of our diminishing future. […]

Morning Market Briefing – Thursday- 10/17/2013

This morning, the debt ceiling is raised and the government has restarted. The US market is acting as expected, selling off. Politicians everywhere are congratulating themselves on a job well done. A first item on the list of things to do is pay the government workers who stayed home and did not work. Where do I sign up to get paid for doing nothing? I guess that is an advantage of working for the government, you do not really have to EARN your living. We for one are glad that the government is working again for one reason. The gold price manipulator who was selling obscene amounts of gold future contracts to manipulate gold prices at 7 AM every morning is now gone. This morning, within less than a minute, gold mounted over 50 dollars per ounce. […]

Morning Market Briefing – Wednesday- 10/16/2013

This is the great irony we are facing. The government shutdown and debt ceiling breach should be seen as negative for the US dollar which should cause the market to rise. Yet, the exact opposite occurs because the US dollar is still the world reserve currency. If this was happening in ANY other country in the world, the currency would weaken, imports would become more expensive, and their market would crash. […]

Morning Market Briefing – Tuesday- 10/15/2013

This morning, the markets are trading slightly higher. Headlines across all major news networks is that Washington is once again about to make a deal. The real news, the never ending war of currency devaluation continues, in the background, hidden from public view. […]

Morning Market Briefing – Monday- 10/14/2013

The most underrated and enlightening news last week came from Wal-Mart on Saturday. There was total simultaneous chaos in thousands of Wal-Mart stores when the EBT cards stopped working. The fat and lazy, or poor and unfortunates who make up the food stamp nation were pissed. So, this is what the government eventually has to deal with when one of its sponsored handouts is taken away. The media claims a glitch at Xerox caused all of the EBT cards to not work. Personally, we at Alphas Edge believe that the government was testing out what would be a possible consequence of removing a program. The problem now is that these people believe that all this government sponsored programs (not just the EBT) are now entitlement programs. Good luck ever removing one of these programs! […]

Alphas Edge Website Update – Oct/13/2013

Not all tasks and projects will be listed on the weekend updates. We are currently working on some crazy-market disrupting-projects (3 big projects and 1 amazing project). Most likely, ONE of these larger projects will be implemented by year end. […]

Morning Market Briefing – Friday- 10/11/2013

So much today’s US markets make no sense. JPM got a donkey punched by the government and amassed a $9.2 billion in legal expenses for junk they were asked to purchase. Yet Goldman Sachs who created much of this junk is untouchable. The non-working poor single mother receives over 70K in benefits while the working (soon to be poor) middle class man pay thousands in taxes and receive no benefits. At the very top, billionaires can single handily control the price of many goods and services disregarding real economic data. […]

Morning Market Briefing – Thursday- 10/10/2013

Personally, we think this bullshit that is occurring in Washington is just a planned show. Bernanke probably explained to Obama how the market would crash to sub 10,000 within 3 months of tapering. So a show in Washington was staged to distract investors from the real danger and to give a reason for the Fed to keep QE infinity. The reason many are calling it QE infinity is because the minute that Fed stops intervening in the market, the market corrects fast and furiously. […]

Morning Market Briefing – Wednesday- 10/09/2013

The charts have all broken the trend line and are pointing to lower lows and lower highs. But hedge funds and gamblers are having difficulty selling this extremely fat market knowing that the Fed has their backs. No matter how bad the politics are or the economy is, everyone knows that you can’t fight the Fed and its army of printers. […]