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January 2018
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Welcome to Alpha’s Edge, a traders “dashboard” …. We at Alphas Edge are proud at our exceptional innovation.   Have you ever wished you had a Webpage designed just for your trading needs?  We did, so we create a cluster of pages in which any economically important information that is essential to trading and or investing displays within a click.   This web site is designed by independent traders and investors to be a homepage for independent traders and investors.  We want to help ourselves and individuals compete against the large institutes. If you like us, please donate to keep us going!

The need for such a dashboard is real.  With so many different groups trying to influence an independent trader and investors views that it’s essential to be able to understand what the public is exposed to, the insiders are talking about, the US economy needs, the Global economy wants and many other factors.  Additionally, one also needs to consider what the market sentiment wasis and the perception of where it is heading.  Remember, the market will do what it wants to do, not what it should do, so it is all about the sentiment.

How to use Alphas Edge for your benefit!

Step 1, read the About page and see it as a user guide for Alphas Edge. Make your homepage. Understand the basic layout of Alphas Edge.  Home page has a morning market summary every day and sometimes stock rant, or rave post later on the day.  About page discuss what the dashboard Alphas Edge is and how to use it to improve your investing.  The Guide page gives a step by step guidance on how to become a wealth accumulator with enthuses on trading and investing. Online Broker page compares most online broker’s strength and weaknesses.  The stocks, optionscommodities, futuresbond, and ETF pages have information on each topic from beginners to expert.

Step 2, read the guide page in detail.  The guide page gives you a realistic expectation of what YOU can achieve as a trader or investor.  The important thing to get out of the guide page is what trading path is right for you to take in becoming an exceptional investor.  Every individual should take a unique path, one modeled by oneself for oneself.  Someone who does not know much about trading will be using the Alphas Edge website differently than someone managing a 100 million dollar portfolio.  Questions you should ask yourself as you read the guide are; you going to be trading or investing?  Focusing in compound interest or building a retirement? Mastering in stocks, options, futures, bonds, ETFs, commodities, currencies or a combination?

Step 3, read and click through all the pages listed above.  Familiarize yourself with all the different financial vehicles available on the market.  Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each.  Know what ones have high risk with potential for high rewards.

Step 4, analyze yourself. Think about your personality, your behavior, the money you have to invest, your risk tolerance, etcetera. Be sure to know yourself!

Step 5, select either a practice account or a broker depending on what you want to trade and invest in.  If you never traded before, you can open up various virtual accounts (left side bar) to get a feel for what financial instruments you like to trade or invest in.  You will gain a lot of knowledge without risking your real capital.  If you are experienced, you can pick a broker (left side bar top) depending on your capital and the value of the financial instruments you plan on trading or investing in.

Step 6, now you are a trader and investor….  To increase your chances of success, you can use the left and right sidebars to obtain important information (All FREE).

The sidebars are very useful to gather information.  There are 11 economic news links that can give you a quick view of what all the major networks are chirping.  There are 7 forum links that lets to have discussion about trading and investing.  If you need to get the price of commodities or gather news about commodities, you can use the 6 commodity links on the left tool bar depending on what your commodity of choice is.  Under the favorites, you have access to which gives earning calendar, economic calendar and tons of additional information.  You also have a link for ETF daily prices, two mostly bullish sites and two mostly bearish sites.  At the top right you have Twiogle Search that lets you search Google and twitter at the same time.

What is in the future for Alphas Edge?

Eventually, we at Alphas Edge will have many resources for those that use us as a home page.  The plan is to have a detailed page where people can teach themselves step by step how to become a wealth accumulator.  This encompasses nobbie stuff like opening up a brokerage account to more complex ideas such as simultaneous order execution creating virtual arbitrages and compounding that over and over again.

So let the Journey begin….