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December 2017
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Goldman Sachs apologizes insignificantly

                The well informed and educated knows the crucial role that Goldman Sachs has played in the theft of trillions of dollars from the middle class to the upper class.  Millions of Americans were sold financial debt that they neither had the understanding nor mean to pay back.   The play book was simple and affective.  First, Goldman bribed both parties with financial contribution to obtain favors and key jobs.  Next laws that were in place were removed so Goldman had the ability to borrow as much money as it wanted without any interest (as a bank holding company).  Now, they have the capital and structure to move any publicly traded company, equity or commodity any direction they want.

                Goldman Sachs is a parasite that WILL without a doubt destroy the global economy unless there is a significant change in how they earn money and how they behave.  For you the reader to understand this, let’s understand the numbers.  Let me start off by saying that the Gross Domestic Product of the United States is 14.4 TRILLION.  Did you know that Goldman Sachs has 782 BILION dollars in total cash or cash equivalent on their balance sheet?  That’s OVER 5% GDP of the biggest nation in the world.  Another interesting number is that they had in REVENEU 22.22 Billion dollars ttm, yet their profits were 49.8 Billion dollars ttm.

                This morning Goldman offered an apology that really is just a slap in the face.  They claimed that they will GIVE 500 million to help small businesses.  But when you read between the lines, you know that they really aren’t given shit away.  First, the plan expands over 5 years at 100 million per year.  However, 200 of those millions are for EDUCATIONAL purposes and 300 of LOANS to small businesses.  Not like I’d expect anything better from Goldman.  If the way they conduct business is anything about the outcome of this “charity”, the rates on the business loans will be 5 to 10% adjustable over prime.  So basicly, Goldman Sachs apologizes for crimes agaisnt humanity by offering them more debt.  I guess they are still playing God.

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