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January 2018
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Goldman Sachs doing Gods work!

                Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO inadvertently slipped and let out his true feeling about himself, he thinks he is God.  First let me say for the record that I believe we should have let every insolvent bank fail and put their executives behind bars, remove their wealth and use it to rescue the economy.  Furthermore, anyone who participated in the RE fraud and ponzy scheme should be charged with fraud or incompetence.

                From an interview with the London Times, Blankfein said that “I’m just a banker doing God’s work”.  Oh really?  What an asshole!  Most religion teaches the exact opposite that Goldman Sachs teaches, greed is not good!.  At church as a young boy I remember reading stories about Jesus spreading bread between thousands of starving people to feed them, sharing with those that were less fortunate, scolding the greedy Jews at the entrance of the temple who were charging people gold coins to go into the house of God, and selfish less sacrifice.

                I think it’s time to hang the bankers; they have clearly lost their morals.  Making fun at religion as Goldman causes millions of people to lose their homes and job is just dumb.  Claiming to be doing God’s work by turning people into debt slaves is even dumber.

                Oh, don’t get me wrong, I understand why he feels the way he does.  If you just got away from raping the public out of trillions of dollars in the largest corporate crime in history, wouldn’t you feel a little like God?  When you can single handedly decide the direction of the equity market on a daily basis, wouldn’t you feel a little like God?  When you can create laws because you own halve of the political whores in power and turn the laws so you can legally steal, wouldn’t you feel like God.  Blankfein believes he is above ethics, he feels that he is the law, and he alone is the almighty of the world.

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