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December 2017
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John McCain whoring himself to new highs

                Fellow Americans who love this country and the freedom it provides to the individual need to quickly come together and defend the laws that have made this country great.  The individual citizen is getting sold out to the highest corporate bidder.  The bill the John McCain is sponsoring “internet freedom act” is nothing like its name suggests or described in his quote. 

Quote John

“Today I’m pleased to introduce the Internet Freedom Act of 2009 that will keep the Internet free from government control and regulation,” McCain said. “It will allow for continued innovation that will in turn create more high-paying jobs for the millions of Americans who are out of work or seeking new employment. Keeping businesses free from oppressive regulations is the best stimulus for the current economy.”

What this act really does when you read the details is that it gives control to the internet providers to decide what YOU the costumer is and is not exposed to.  It basically strips away the freedom built in by true thinkers such as the guys in Google and place it in the hands of profit driven oligopoly like Verizon.

But seriously, how dumb are you people?  The politicians use the same dam trick every time to get you (the ignorant public) to support something that is not in your own best interest by slapping the word freedom to it (Iraqi freedom, Freedom act of 2009 ….) How many times are you morons going to let this political whores strip away our rights?

Well, maybe its time for me to propose some of my own legislative.  How about a Freedom Bankers Act of 2010?  I propose we in the US free ourselves of bankers by hanging them in time square.  We can also have the Liberating Lobbying Act of 2009.  There, we would gather up all the political whores who were lobbied into power and lobby them out of power.

Our country is going to shit, time for the individual to start thinking about its futures and fight for the freedom that is granted to us.

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