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December 2017
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Morning Market Briefing – Tuesday- 09/10/2013

Yesterday was an all-around great day with lots of pleasant surprises and profound ironies. The markets opened like a rocket ship and never looked back.  It once again received better than expected economic news from around the world.  Traders who had bet on market collapse and war with Syria had extensive losses (our apologies to gloom and doom folks).  Traders who had bet the world would act rational over Syria and accepted good economic data cashed in on significant gains.

When we say profound ironies, we truly mean it.

As our loyal readers know, we were long Intrepid Potash (IPI).  Russian’s Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin surprised potashers with talks of resolution between Russia and Belarus.   Shares of Intrepid Potash jumped more than 7% on high volume.  Just as we predicted, IPI was a painful stock to be short.  Putin, Belarus, and some billionaires seem to be working on an agreement to maintain the cartel.

The probability of war with Syria has greatly diminished.  No, it’s not what you expect.  Our short-bus riding incompetent leaders in Washington (Obama, Kerry, McCain, and Rice) did not get the peace memo (yet they got a Nobel Peace Prize!).  They wanted war regardless of the fact that Americans and the world did not want it.  Once again we were saved by ….OMFG – Putin? Yes, Putin! Vladimir the Impeller Putin drove a big hard shaft right up the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s war plan.  Putin has checkmated the Bro, leaving Obama with no choice but to follow Russia’s leadership.  (On a side Note, we had hopes that Obama would somehow read our Coalition of the Conscious and lead the world to peace).

But the ironies kept on coming!  At the end of the day, none other than the Great Squid who on a daily basis sucks the market dry found a financial advisor for their financial advisors?  Yes, this is not a joke… Goldman Sachs (GS) is moving brokerage accounts for some current and former employees with less than $1 million in assets to Fidelity Investments.  HA HA HA… Poor (literally) GS employees do not fit the firm’s wealth-management focus on high-net worth clients.  I’m surprised they got employed in the first place.

Today, the market is green in the pre-open.  Yet, cynical I am expecting a late day reversal for no other reason than Obama.  I know what most readers and Americans are thinking.  Obama cannot possibly in good conscious try to convince the nation to go to war after Putin’s checkmate.  Yet, I can envision Obama stepping off his short-bus and trying to lead the world into war when the world wants to follow Putin into peace!

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