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January 2018
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Obama needs the Coalition of the Conscious

Obama is desperately trying to convince the American public and his colleagues in Washington that war with Syria is an obligation.  This is a grave mistake which would result is World War III.  Obama is failing miserably at the key issue and that is convincing the world that we have the obligation to prevent the mass killing that’s occurring in Syria.

Maybe Obama has the same flaw that I have, which is a benevolent moral conscious.  In this case, the desire to save the innocent Syrian people who want to live in peace but are caught up in a power struggle.  If this is the reason he wants to go to war with Syria, we and the people of the world would support him.

His current strategy for gaining support for Syria is extremely flawed.  Even if he gains support from his friends in Washington, he achieves nothing positive (in fact, he only makes the situation worst).  Obama needs an advisor who is intellectually superior to those he currently has around him.  In addition, one that was born outside of the United State, speaks multiple languages, and relates to the people around the world (but loves America).

The problem Obama inherited was that the United States reputation as “the good guys” was destroyed by George Bush.  The world did not support the second Iraq War.  Our new reputation is that of “aggressors who steal resources, in particular oil”.  Obama can give millions of eloquent speeches about why we need to go support the rebels in Syria, and that will achieve nothing.  People around the world will interpret his speeches as a false flag.

Does this mean all is lost to Obama?  That the world, and in particular I would never support intervention in Syria?  Absolutely not, Obama needs a change of strategy.  No good, kind, loving person can watch the gassing and killing of innocent man, woman, and children without guilt.  A benevolently moral conscious demands the protection of the innocent regardless of potential cost.  So why not focus on this reason?  Obama must convince the world that this is the reason we have to go into Syria.

Obama needs a new plan!  First, he needs to change the goal from supporting the rebels to ending the Syrian civil war.  Next, he needs to form an international coalition to achieve this new goal.  What I am proposing is this coalition jointly invades Syria, with the goal of disarming both sides and ending the civil war.  Than after the war ends, assist the country in rebuilding a better society.

Invite everyone to join this coalition and explain that the world in good conscious cannot accept what is going on in Syria.  Ask the Russians to co-sponsor it.  Show the world Russia’s true intention.  I’m starting to see a lot of people thinking that Russia is the new “good guys”.   If this is true, Putin would agree to such a nobel goal.  The consequence of this action would show everyone what his true intentions are.  Those that just want the suffering to end will select the coalition of the conscious.  Those that favor one side over another, will chose not to join.  At least the world will see who the good guys are and are not.

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