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December 2017
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Morning Market Briefing – Tuesday- 10/01/2013

Yesterday, fear of a government shutdown kept the market under sell pressure most of the day.  Media, traders, investors, politicians, and even Obama believed that a government shutdown would be disastrous to the market.  The Special Olympics captivated the media with “the hot potato” event.  The Senate under Obama’s dictatorship refused to negotiate with the House on a bill that included any provisions to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The House under a hijacked tea party refused to give up its modification to Obamacare.  Clearly, if the potato exploded and the politicians could not come into an agreement, the consequences would be disastrous!

For us, the truly big news (the real disaster) was Google’s new search code.  Google was by far the most useful tool ever to be developed in human history.  The ability to transfer knowledge to the mind of the inquirer was/is undervalued.  At first, we thought Google search had been hijacked by Bing or some other inapt search engine.  As we searched for an answer, we learned that Google changed their search codes.  Hopefully, someone in Google reads this post.  You turned something great into shit.  When it comes to search, your either first place or obsolete.  Before, one would type something into the box, and ten things that displayed in front of you were ALL REVELANT to the information you wanted to acquire.  Now, you type something into the box, none of the ten things are event remotely close to what you wanted.  For all the talent they have at Google, this had to be the biggest misstep ever.  All we can say is WTF.

This Morning we wake up to learn that the hot potato did not explode.  The politicians could not even agree on the name of the bill.  It was just simply put back into the oven so it could be reheated and the game replayed.  It just shows us how far we have collapsed as a country.  The global and even the US markets are green, as if cheering for a government shutdown.  It is as if everyone has become a deer mesmerized by headlights.

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