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January 2018
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optionsXpress – An online broker that specializes in trading options, stocks, futures, mutual funds, bonds and more that claims;

“Built for Investors by Investors:  Trade with a brokerage firm built by investors just like you. From intuitive trade screens developed to save you time and simplify the order entry process, to innovative charts that make technical analysis a snap.”

“Trade All Products: in ONE AccountTrade options, stocks, futures, mutual funds, bonds and more in a SINGLE online account. That means one username, one password, one log in. Yep you heard us right. Learn more about all the products you can trade in one account at optionsXpress.“

“Educational:  From basic investing concepts to advanced trading strategies, take advantage of our wide array of webinars, tutorials and on-site events. Our Virtual Trade tool even lets you test your investing mettle in a realistic environment without putting any real money on the line.”

“Innovative and Powerful Tools Scanners: that comb the markets for ideas based on your investing criteria. Customizable charts that help you see the things that are most important to you. Up-to-the-minute news and research resources to keep you on top of the latest market developments. optionsXpress gives you more tools to help find your next great investment.”

“Straightforward fees:  Whether you’re trading stocks, options or futures, at optionsXpress you’ll find straightforward fees that buy you so much more than just a trade. Best of all, with no base rate, no additional charge for broker-assisted trades, and No Hidden Fees, you can rest assured that the price you see is the price you’ll pay.”

“We’re Dedicated to Serving You Better: Our licensed brokers are committed to finding the right answer quickly, so that investing online doesn’t mean investing alone. Take advantage of free broker-assisted trading and extended customer service hours to get the personal, knowledgeable help you need – right when you need it.”