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December 2017
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Google, the next Berkshire Hathaway?

Something Iota is bullish on and worth investing long term in..Can it be?

                In current economic times, the Great Iota is not optimistic about much.  There are exceptions, one in particular is Google.  Google is set up to explode in the next 1 to 3 years.  Now, everyone knows Google is a good company, many realize it’s a great company, but only a few see it as the titan that it will someday be.  Not surprising, considering that most folks have the foresight of an astyanax fasciatus mexicanus.  (Dam, those Ranger Rick magazines paid off!)

                Let me illuminate my thoughts about Google in a deserving manner.  What I love about Google is what hasn’t changed, and that is the vision of the founders.  The one thing that Google has realized is that money, profit or revenue is not the goal but a result of excellent service or product.  For example, Google’s primary customers are people who use the internet to obtain information, yet these customers don’t even pay for that service.  They also realize that internet without content would be like having a service that is not useful, so they made easy for those who create internet content to succeed at it and again for free.  So Google built a base of users and partners like no other company has ever done before, just giving without asking (the only people charged are those trying to get their product in the hands of the Googlers).

               Google’s announcement a week ago that it was developing an operating system brought chills down my spine.  How many times have I cursed Bill Gates for putting his customers behind profits, countless!  I have no doubt that Google will use the same strategy as it did with the search engine.  Free stuff!  My gut tells me that they will offer everything to the customer (the user) and their partners (the enablers) either for FREE or at a substantial discount.  If they do it for free (the correct option, hint, hint), they will dominate the media information world like no one has ever done before.  They will have the power to communicate to the masses, directly into people’s home, work or in the middle of the desert.  I will gladly give up my Excel, PowerPoint, Word and other Microsoft products for Google’s.

               I hope Google realizes that with great power comes great responsibility and never sell out their users and partners to governments or institutes that wish to control and manipulate people.  We have truly only now entered a new exiting age.  Let’s painfully piss away the carrot and the stick mentality of the industrial age and set free the innate talents of each individual on earth (Thanks Google)!

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