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January 2018
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Hank Paulson, we believe you, wink wink!

                First, Alphas Edge wants to congratulate Hank Paulson on cleverly evading paying 250 Million in taxes.  Yes, by accepting (lobbying Bush) the appointment for the Treasury position, Hank Paulson was forced to sell 750 Million dollars worth of Goldman Sachs stocks.  Lucky for him, he was exempt from paying taxes on the sale because of his new position.

                The New York Times on Saturday reported records of two dozen conversations between Paulson and Goldman chief executive Lloyd Blankfe in one week!  That week was the same week last September that rival bank Lehman Brothers collapsed and insurer American International Group.  Now, I don’t think my wife and I have ever talked 24 times about any topic in one week let alone a decision that needs to be made in a week.  So I’m sure that they were just casually chatting about nothing of importance.  I completely believe Paulson spokesperson when he said that former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson talked often to the head of Goldman Sachs at the height of the credit crisis but did not actively seek to help the bank he once ran.

                This is all one big F’ing misunderstanding and that Goldman Sachs record profit had nothing to do with 24 billion dollars of tax payer’s money that was funneled to the firm.  We at Alphas Edge believe that it had more to do with the fact that Goldman Sachs is now a bank holding company, so they can borrow unlimited cash FREE of interest! Jackpot baby…they aren’t the everyday losers who work hard every day for a living to borrow at 5.5%.   Another logical reason is that Goldman Sachs is now a monopoly, all their major competitors have been put out of business (Jeez, guess Hank didn’t think about saving them and chatting with their CEOs).  So you see, the preposterous profits weren’t just from tax payer’s wallet, but from bankrupting the competitors and privileged lending agreements.

                Government Sachs now controls everything (Wall Street, government, Turbo Tax Timmy, and Ben)…slavery is back baby and it’s coming on the form of hyperinflation.  We are in the mist of class war, unfortunately, the poor and middle class doesn’t know it yet.

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