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January 2018
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Market outlook for July 8, 2009

By Great Iota:

                I find it so hilarious that only now people are realizing the stock market is 100% manipulated by insiders.  How many times did I go out of my way to warn others to get the fuck out of the market right before a big drop…countless.  Did you think I was Ms Cleo with a big black 8 ball?  Hell no, I just used simple logic to guess what way the market would go.  I basically said to myself…if I was a greedy banker working at Goldman sacsofshit and didn’t give a dam about society, what way would I move the market.  It’s not hard really…if the manipulators are all in…than you know that they can only make real money betting on a correction and then selling…if the manipulators are all out…than you know the opposite is true.  Yes, it is really that simple…have a bunch of account with a few identical programs that buy/sell stocks incrementally based on delta volume increase or decrease and a shit load of capital that is 51% of the float and NO ONE can stop you.

                So here we are, Goldman is the only powerhouse left (thanks Paulson for orchestrating the Lehman, Bear and Friends collapse), a virtual monopoly,  taking advantage of people with taxpayers money.  What is the first thing they do?  HIGHEST BONUS EVER!!!!  WTF, you serious…how dumb are you bankers…or are you sick with greed?  But justice is self fulfilling, you’ll see…..this little theft of Goldman’s proprietary trading code allegedly stolen by a former employee has started to drain the cesspool that is Goldman.  Outsiders are starting to understand who Goldman is and what they stand for; Corruption, Fraud, Greed and Manipulation.

                So where does this leave me in terms of what way is the market going to move? Well, here is what I’m reasoning.  We just had a 400 points correction from the recent highs…but we are still 43% below all time high on the DJI and 23% up from the lows…but the economy is still weakening and those that bought low need to sell to make money.  I’m thinking the market can easily go either way, They can manipulate it up or down…so I’m out for now…if it drops to 6660 again, I’ll start looking to get in and if it goes above 8800 within a few weeks I’m looking to short it again.  After realizing this the down side potential is higher than the upside potential, So I’m near term bearish…maybe that’s why I’m still holding on to my BAC and GS Jan 2011 puts.

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