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January 2018
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Prophecy of oppression

No doubt that we are heading towards oppression for the majority.  Don’t believe us, just look around to what is happening.  The stock market pump monkeys on CNBC are getting out of control with this recovery while the truth is much different.  In fact, below are several reasons why we are worst off today than we were 6 months ago:

  • 6 months ago toxic assets were written on books and not off balance sheets.  The change to the accounting rules made it so bad banks can hide their worthless trash and or sell it to the public at full face value.
  • Over 3 million people have lost their jobs the last 6 months.
  • Market only goes up when the US dollar is falling.
  • Housing collapse has been replaced with foreclosure shadow inventories held by banks.
  • The real issue “unemployment” has been buried by the “Obama’s health care reform”
  • Good banks and credit union are getting punished while bad banks such as Goldman Sachs are getting rewarded with no bid government contracts, zero borrowing cost, and working with the Feds to trade stocks.
  • Bad Banks cost of borrowing are the lowest EVER in the history of the US while the CONSUMERS cost of borrowing is close to the highest ever.  A bad bank can borrow money are 0.25% and lend at +5%.  At the same time, credit card rates jumped to 15 to 35% for consumers and their savings CD dropped to 1%!  How messed up is that, the bank makes 5% for every dollar they borrow and lend while the people loss 14 to 34% on every dollar they borrow and lend.
  • Lobbying activities are increasing, not decreasing.

The problem we see is that bad behavior is getting rewarded while good behavior punished.  This can ONLY lead to negative consequences.  With every scheme, crime, fraud, corruption, and manipulation successfully completed, we will see a bigger scheme, crime, fraud, corruption and manipulation attempted until the cycle comes to a violent end.

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