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December 2017
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Turbo Tax Timmy is screwing the pooch!


By Great Iota:

          Are you serious Timmy?  Can you really be that clueless on the economy?  What has turned the USA into the largest economic power in the world has been the strong middle class and fairest legal system.  Yet, the assholes in control the last few decades have leveraged the middle class with debt and drunkenly jumped in bed with every lobbies encountered.

          So know you are saying that letting CIT group fail is not a systematic risk to the economy?  OMFG, does this mean Goldman Sachs is short the market?   How on earth can you transfer BILLIONS of dollars to the upper class via AIG and at the same time not do a single real stimulus for the middle class?

          Timmy, do you want the solution crippled boy?  As I have been saying for years…there is only one ethical solution to this economic mess.  FIRST, you gather up all the criminals starting with the executives of most financial, banking, lending, and others (Fan, Fred, AIG, CFC) corporations and CHARGE them for either fraud or incompetence.  If found guilty of incompetence, let them go free but remove the millions from their bank accounts and redistribute to the middle class.  If found guilty, chain them all together and let’s have a mass hanging in Time Square!  Send a message to these white collar criminals that JUSTICE is still the Queen of our beloved United States of America.

          Either way, taking from millions (middle class) to give to few (Goldman, AIG and Corrupt Politicians) is the exact opposite of what we should be doing.  I have no doubt that a 100K tax refund to all in the middle class who has paid the government their share would do more to stimulate the economy than any social program or executive bailout that they can come up with.

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