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January 2018
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Unbelievable, PennyMac IPO? This has to be a bad joke!

Oh, grab a popcorn because I’m about to rant harder than a fat girl at a Somalia Safari. First, let me start off saying Stanford L. Kurland is either a criminal or incompetent. My gut tells me he is a dirty greedy heartless shameless criminal. Stanford was the President of the infamous Countrywide Financials that got millions of people into subprime fraudulent mortgages that they couldn’t afford. Yes, this is one of the assholes you can point your finger at and blame for this economic collapse. What is the first thing he does after losing his job at CFC, start a company called PennyMac to profit from distressed properties! THE SAME PROPERTIES THAT HE CAUSED TO BE DISTRESSED. Let me explain it this way, this is like having someone who just killed a person going back into the emergency room of his victim and trying to auction off the dead man’s organs. It is criminal…and it looks like he will get away with it.

Stanford L. Kurland profited from creation of the sub-prime mortgage crisis as former president of Countrywide Financial at the people’s expense. It looks like he will now be profiting from the wreckage caused by those sub-prime mortgages again at the people’s expense. Their accomplices are much of the same faces, except for one. PennyMac has many of the same shady characters, X executives from Countrywide Financials. In addition, the same investment banks that paddled CDOs on Wall Street are now whoring this IPO. The offering is being underwritten by Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. At the very least, Goldman Sachs was smart enough to stay away from it and no longer damage their reputation.

Without a doubt, in America, CRIME does pay…and pay very well!

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