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January 2018
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Trading platform

Trading platform

A trading platform is the software typically provided by a broker used to execute trades through their system and for managing account.

Numerous types of trading platforms exist for various equities and markets.

An Offshore Trading Platform or OTP is an online trading platform which enables an investor to trade online from anywhere in the world (or from any beach!) without revealing his trading footprint to any third parties.  A trader can trade offshore with investoreurope and get the largest selection of online trading platforms in the world.  But don’t worry, under Gibraltar’s laws, banking secrecy is guaranteed and no taxes are payable when the investor is not a resident in Gibraltar.

dbFX FX Trading platform is a Forex Trading Platform that the Deutsche Bank feeds real-time streaming prices into.  The dbFX trading platform, prices are update dynamically tick by tick with market moves. Dealing rates are not an indication of where the market is trading, but of actual prices at which the currency pair can be bought or sold on the Trading Platform. This Forex Trading Platform offers spreads from as low as 2 pips under normal market conditions.  The trader will also receive streaming pricing in all currency pairs and competitive Bid/Ask spreads from 2 pips under normal market conditions.

Progress® Apama® Trading Platform is said to offer the broadest, deepest and most flexible complex event processing.  It is an online trading platform built for event-driven applications.  Using Apama®, a trader can monitor, analyze and act on streaming events in real time, increasing your operational responsiveness.  Apama® is said to be a leading platform for algorithmic trading, market aggregation, smart order routing, and real time pricing.  You can also use Apama® to market surveillance and monitoring, commodities trading, energy trading and real-time risk management.

TradeStation Trading Platform is a brokerage trading platform for rule-based trading.  With TradeStation, you can trade stocks, options, futures or forex using powerful strategy creation and testing tools, customizable analytics and fully automated trading technology in a single trading platform.  It is a lot of fun if you like to back-test your strategies after cooking one up.

Many other Trading Platforms exist with several of the similar features of those above.  A trader can expect to find a unique trading platform for each of the brokers.  Some trading platforms are easy to use and understand while others are a nightmare to comprehend.  Each X Change also has its own trading software platforms with unique dashboards.